What to learn about distressing with Caromal Colours?

My latest student Luila, from Tulsa. She was awesome and I loved the fact that she  thinks outside the box with her creativity.

Here are some of her creations.

caromal colours

Here she used one of my sewing tools to make marks that turned out like this


caromal colours distressed

caromal colours

Some great samples….don’t you think so…

Be sure if you live in the Tulsa area you and want to learn more about Caromal Colours let me know and I will put in contact with Luila or if you are interested in become an IR or CIR for Caromal Colours please contact me and I will give you all the information.

renee @ artistryinfaux (dot) com

This goes into a little more detail.

you can also check out more post about Caromal Colours at my new site


come and chat with us awhile.

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learn faux from a professional finisher: distressing, gilding, glazing, stenciling, plaster

Do you have an old piece of furniture or a set of cabinets but don’t want to hire a professional to redo them for you; or you are unsure of what products to use???? Then you have come to the right place because you can learn with hands on training from a professional faux finisher.

Caromal Colours and this Country Living Artisans Collection has everything you will need to create beautiful finishes on centerpieces for holidays, cabinets, crown moldings, furniture, fireplace surrounds, picture frames, and accent walls or give new life to an entire room.

Caromal Colours features “Do-It’ Yourself” Decorative Finishing Kits which offer endless opportunities to achieve beautiful, yet affordable, decorative finishes for your home, using water-based and environmentally friendly materials. With the Caromal Colour decorative kits you are provided with the tools and confidence to complete a project from start to finish in just a weekend and achieve a professional look.

  • · Glazing on glazy days
  • · Gilding with all that glitters
  • · Distressing for success
  • · Plaster with the perfect plaster
  • · Stencils creating pattern and design
  • · Stencil Phrases in your own words

Would you like hands on training one on one or with friends or family? Call 501-278-6504.

Email: renee (at) artistryinfaux.com

or: artistryinfaux (at) gmail.com

Want to order on line: Use coupon Code: ReneeH to receive a discount on your shipping charges and for me to get credit for your order.

Don’t want to do a workshop or the one on one hands on training…leave a comment, email, or call me and I will be more than glad to walk you through the process.

Have a blessed day!!!

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update on faux (fo) for under $100 with Caromal Colours

A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover for Under $100!

10 show ktichen 2 edited10 show kitchen b4 edited

You just can’t do it any better than this….no stripping, priming, sanding, – just mushing our textured basecoat to complete a whole new look.




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how to distress kitchen cabinets, furniture, redo walls, using Caromal Colours

Caromal Colours has taken the guess work out, made it simple and something YOU can do. It is not expensive, it isn’t hard, and once you try it you will come back for more.

With Caromal Colours you can Create a room,

distress those cabinets/furniture,


corner cabinet


corner cabinet

(materials for cabinet: first coat was textured peppercorn basecoat, chipping cream, textured bayberry basecoat , toner.  All of these products used above for this piece were all included in the barnworn kit including gloves, chip brush, sand paper and stir stick.)

put words on wall,

DSC_4366 (Copy)

and don’t for get the stairs, with these Fun Fair Signs.


Just a few things that you can do if you want some change:

do you have brass fixtures or old headboard…apply gilding


distress the molding, chair rail, crown molding and those baseboards

take that old furniture, change the colour and  turn it into a new piece that you will love and so will your friends

how about changing the look of that hanging light or create one of your own: coming soon

9147CC01NC SILO 20070520

don’t like those old curtain rods, change them with the barnworn kits

apply the textured plaster to the walls

plaster web large

add a glaze to give your room warmth and transform it into a room that you will never want to leave

the possibilities are endless

Ready for a workshop or just want to ask questions????

call or email me


renee (at) artistryinfaux.com

If you order on line please enter holderr in the coupon code or in the comment section of your order, you will receive a discount on shipping.

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furniture refinishing and more with Caromal Colours

Artistry in Faux


Country Living Artisans Collection


Distress for Success

Add character and age to furniture, accessories or architectural elements


Want to learn faux real finishes with hands on training


501` 278 6504


renee (at) artistryinfaux.com

Be sure to add holderr in comment section when ordering….it will give me credit and you a discount on shipping!!!!! Thank you!!!


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on line video introducting caromal colours

With the way things are in today’s world..fast paced..not enough time, soooo……you don’t have time for a workshop with hands on training?

Watch the video, give me a call 501.278.6504 or email me renee@artistryinfaux.com and we can get you started, get your order placed and you will be starting a new project like your cabinets, a piece of furniture and more  in no time.

OR~!!!!! Maybe you are a crafter that would love to be apart of the Caromal Colours team and become an Independant Represenative. You can teach to other do it yourselfers..having fun and making money.

Once you watch the video and feel that you don’t need any assistance and would like to go directly to the Caromal Colours website and place an order. Great!!! If you do be sure to add the code holderr in the comment section of the order and you will receive your discount on shipping and I will recieve my credit. THANK YOU and enjoy a fun product.

I will also be introducing on line classes later this fall or the fisrst of the New Year 2010 on line faux finishing classes..for those of  you that love to do it yourself…

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Check out my Slide Show!

These are just a few of the color combo’s done on trim pieces but can also be done for cabinet or furniture finishes.

distress samples caromal colours

Ready for a workshop give me a call @


or if you would like more info please feel free to contact me by phone or email

artistryinfaux (at) gmail.com

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caromal colours distressing workshops

10 Basic colours from Caromal Colours to begin your next project with, whether it be a plant stand,







or your kitchen cabinets. If you are tired of your cabinets and would love to have a complete new look with a hands on workshop give me a call


for information.





With just 10 basic colours the combination’s are endless, whether it be just a new colour  or a barn worn distressed look.

Are you ready,  just call and we will set up a workshop for you and your friends, all for under $100 each.

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learning faux 4 under $100 with Caromal Colours

Would you like to learn faux finishing for under $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am  an artist and owner of Artistry in Faux, from Little Rock Arkansas, specializing in custom decorative faux painting for residential and commercial projects. I will continue to offer my services to homeowners, builders and designers but having  been chosen to join the team of educators through Caromal Colours is an avenue I have been wanting to follow for some time. As a professional finisher I want to reach out to those who are passionate about doing projects in their own homes, such as, redoing cabinets, furniture

before-fireplace-1108-de-20884890 after-fireplace-1108-de

or  just adding pizazz to a room with a glaze and stencil


or to those who may not have the budget to hire a professional.

With the economy or  just the feeling of accomplishment of doing a project yourself people are focusing on fixing up what they have instead of purchasing those items.

So I would like to introduce to you Country Living Artisan Collection of Decorative Finishes by Caromal Colours. The line of products are used for distressing, gilding, plastering, glazing and more.

Time for a workshop with hands on training from a professional finisher-

or if you would like to become an

Independant Represenative


artistryinfaux (at) gmail.com

or call me at


and we can schedule  a workshop in your home with family & friends or a one on one.



If you would like to order without a workshop click on link below and add the code


and receive a discount off of the shipping on your order.

Caromal Colours.

any questions just give me a call or quick email and I will be more than glad to answer any questions you may have.


With the 10 base coats along with  different application processes your options are limitless!!!!!! No matter what  your style, using Caromal Colours, you will be able to achieve finishes that will give you the confidence to enhance the look of your home. You will also be able to accomplish a unique look for your furniture, walls, cabinets and accessories.

What is amazing is there is no sanding, no stripping, no priming and it sticks…..




Today kitchens are important to people because this is where most of their time is spent with family and friends…so if  you want the look of a unique finish, no matter your style,  this is the workshop that you want to attend. They can be textured, worn, distressed, or smooth…and did I mention the ease of application.


Caromal Colours_1239630402093a

DSC_4419 (Copy)

This is one class that will make gift giving so much more because it will be something that you personally created, unless you like it so much you keep it for yourself…lolol


Caromal Colours_1239630741067a

DSC_4353 (Copy)

Using a translucent medium with an open time makes this application so easy. You can transform your room in no time. It is all ready to go..no mixing of paint and glaze.


Caromal Colours_1239630750782a

DSC_4371 (Copy)

New Sticky Back Technology!

  • Each stencil has a sticky back – no extra adhesive necessary!
  • You can clean and re-use the stencil.
  • …allows you to use your own creativity to enhance your surroundings. With a little imagination, the possibilities with stencils are endless. Many stencils can be used right side up or upside down. They can be applied horizontally or vertically. You can stencil the whole design or use just part of it. You can also be creative when determining where to place your design.


Caromal Colours_1239630758352a

textured plaster-glazed/not glazed

textured plaster-not glazed/glazed

Are your walls white? Do they need some warmth? If so the classic plaster is a great option because it comes in texture or smooth. You can glaze or don’t glaze.


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